Roland DG puts on its race suit

Last week Roland DG participated for the second time in the company karting trophy at the site of Link 21 (Herentals, Belgium). Even though the two Roland teams didn’t make it to the top 5, the teambuilding day was a huge success.

The company karting trophy was organised for the second time on the site of Link 21. The smell of burned rubber, exciting races and spectacular crashes…just like the formula 1 races. Roland DG joined in with two teams. During the qualification rounds, one of the teams performed very well en could start in 15th position. The challenge was to rank as high as last year.

The top 10 seemed feasible for a long time, until flat tires and wavering karts spoiled the fun. The Roland team lost a lot of time and was condemned to the 17th place. But that didn’t satisfy them: thanks to quick driver switches and concentrated driving, the team could reach the 15th place.


The second Roland team consisted mainly of women. The ladies fought hard, but the competition was too strong. At the end of the race, marketing assistant Cindy chased her direct opponents for 40 minutes, but wasn’t able to catch up with them. The last place was inevitable. After the race, the pilots received a beautiful encouragement price. Better next year!