New EcoXtreme LT ink for AdvancedJET series

Today, Roland DG introduces the new EcoXtreme LT ink for its AdvancedJET series of industrial inktjet printers. Roland EcoXtreme LT ink is the second in line of the EcoXtreme inks.

The ink is exclusively available for Roland’s AdvancedJET line, including the 104”-wide AJ-1000 and the 74”-wide AJ-740. EcoXtreme LT ink is priced very competitively and therefore a cost effective alternative to EcoXtreme ink. EcoXtreme LT is well suited for high-mix, high-volume production of short-term graphics such as event and campaign signage, trade show and expo graphics and temporary displays and this at a low price.

Both EcoXtreme and EcoXtreme LT ink provide outstanding color density, a wide gamut and rugged durability for a variety of applications.

Features of the new EcoXtreme LT

  • Available in six colors (CMYKLcLm)
  • Ideal for billboards, banners, backlits, temporary fleet graphics and event signage
  • Optimizes AdvancedJET technology for rich, vivid images and superior color contrast
  • Produces vibrant images even in high-speed production modes on coated and uncoated media
  • Up to one year outdoor durability
  • High-capacity, one-liter cartridges are easy to handle
  • Automated maintenance system minimizes operator intervention for lower operational costs
  • Cyclohexanone free
  • Low running costs per m²

Roland DG recommends EcoXtreme ink for signage, banners, retail decor, fleet graphics and other applications requiring extended durability of up to three years outdoors.

Roland AdvancedJET series

Designed for high-volume printing and rush jobs of billboards, banners, fleet and vehicle graphics, the AdvancedJET delivers brilliant six-color (CMYK+LcLm) graphics at an impressive quality print speed up to 45m2/h (max 90m²/h). Unlike other industrial printers, the AdvancedJET runs with minimal operator maintenance and fine tuning. Automated maintenance eliminates the need for daily manual cleanings and ensures consistent, reliable performance. The AdvancedJET includes powerful Roland VersaWorks RIP software, built on an Adobe Postscript engine and compatible with Windows® XP Professional, 2000 and Windows Vista™.



English Brochure: EcoXtreme LT Ink


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