Roland DG looks forward to Euromold 2007

Oevel (Belgium), November 13, 2007 - During Euromold 2007, Roland DG will present the concept of “inhouse prototyping”. Therefore, new products and applications will be shown. What’s more, Roland DG will present its newly designed booth.

For several years, Roland DG is working on creating value for its customers in different product segments, from Large Format Printers and Cutting devices to 3D scanners, 3D modelling machines and engravers. During Euromold 2007, the focus will be on “In-house Prototyping”. Roland DG is convinced that “inhouse prototyping” delivers great advantages for designers. First of all, it is quick and easy. Second, designers don’t have to hand over their creation to another firm; they stay in control during the whole process.


Roland DG will show this concept, using the MDX-40R in combination with the 3D laser Scanner LPX-60. The LPX-60 can for instance be used for scanning tooth-marks. The generated data can in their turn be used as input for the MDX-40R to mill a tooth which will fit perfectly. Ergonomic computer mice can also be designed in this way to fit the hand of the user perfectly.

Roland DG will also show two modelling devices. The MDX-540 will be running on aluminium for mold making and the JWX-10 will be shown with new fixtures used to mill complex designs of rings, which are especially interesting for gold smiths.

For the normal and 2,5 D engraving, Roland DG will show the recently released EGX-350. This desktop engraving machine has been completely refurbished in order to provide users with ultimate usability and user friendliness. Together with Roland Engrave Studio-software, the EGX-350 offers a complete solution for creating valuable personalized items.

Another showstopper will be the newly designed Roland booth. So, come take a look at hall 6.0, booth F 126.

Euromold: 2007-12-05 until 2007-12-08

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Roland DG’s “Digital Value Engineering” (DVE) employs the latest digital technology to improve the company’s business workflow processes. Integral to DVE, Roland DG has replaced its conventional production lines with a digitallycontrolled system entitled “Digital Yatai”. Roland’s Digital Yatai production technology features guided on-screen instructions and other automated systems that enable individuals to produce Roland inkjet printers and other products in an unassisted manner while preventing human errors.

Roland DG is ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2000 certified. The company strives to preserve environmental protection while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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